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The Menhaden Defenders is an organization with a single goal in mind – to restore Atlantic Menhaden to sustainable levels. Menhaden Defenders is a project of The Anglers Conservation Network (ACN), an organization that represents conservation minded anglers from every coastal state from maine to Florida.

Capt. Paul

Menhaden Defenders is led by Capt. Paul Eidman. Capt. Paul grew up fishing with his father and grandfather on Long Island and brought his love of fishing to New Jersey in the 1970s.  He runs Reel Therapy fishing Charters and enjoys guiding his clients in the Sandy Hook Area. He specializes in fly and light tackle sportfishing for striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, summer flounder, false albacore and more.

Witnessing first hand the deteriorating state of recreational fishing in the Mid Atlantic region has turned him into a passionate marine fisheries advocate. Involved in grass roots campaigns over 20 years, Capt. Paul promotes conservation minded angling and encourages unity within the recreational angling community. New and improved ecosystem based management methods are needed to restore and revitalize troubled game fish stocks, forage fish and the habitat that they depend upon for survival.

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