I’m an angry angler!

Yes, I am ready to participate and willing to stand up for common sense fisheries policies that preserve the long term future of recreational game fish.   Please inform me of actions I can take at the local, regional and national level to support this goal.

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To support the Menhaden Defenders in the mission to restore Atlantic Menhaden to sustainable levels I will do the following:

1. Write the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC).

2. Attend a local public hearing on the issue.

Help reduce consumer demand for menhaden based products:

2. Request wild pole/line American caught fish.

3. Verify the content of your fish oil supplement. (www.fishoilsafety.com)

4. Check that the fish meal in your pet food isn’t made from menhaden. You may need to call customer service at the manufacturer to verify.

5. Ensure that food products advertising Omega-3 content aren’t menhaden based. (Eggs, Buttery spreads, Mayo, etc.)

6. Share this information with your network – friends, family, and other anglers.