Chesapeake Bay is fished by industrial fishing boats that hoover up billions of menhaden into their holds and transport them to a local facility where they are ground up for applications such as fertilizer, dog food and omega-3 fish oil supplements. This is known as the menhaden reduction industry, and it accounts for 80% of the menhaden catch in the […]

The Connection Between Bottlenose Dolphins & Bunker in New York Harbor

Even though bottlenose dolphins (with their slight upturn in the corner of their mouth which appears to people as the animal is always smiling) is one of the most well known species of marine mammals in the world, many people still don’t realize bottlenose dolphins can be frequently seen in New York Harbor during the […]

Misinformed on Menhaden

The opinion piece by Dick Russell (Conservation is Essential to Save the Striper, Vineyard Gazette Oct. 31) misinforms readers concerning the actions of Omega Protein. His anecdotes and claims regarding the menhaden fishery were clearly not fact-checked, resulting in an error-laden piece on an otherwise important issue — sustainable fisheries management. Mr. Russell inexplicably reorders […]