Menhaden Defenders: Capt. Paul Eidman

Watch a video message from Captain Paul Eidman describing the importance of menhaden to the Atlantic ecosystem.

Grinding up our fishing future for China

Omega Protein Inc. located in Reedville, Virginia,USA is very busy these days, quietly exporting tons of our most vital forage fish to China and other countries. Atlantic Menhaden are the backbone of America’s east coast marine ecosystem and coastal recreational fishing business. Omega is the only company left that still grinds up these fish, also known as bunker, down to fishmeal and oil in a procedure called “reduction”. From Omega’s Reedville location alone they catch, process and reduce over 160,000 metric tons annually of our east coast native menhaden.

TAKE ACTION: Menhaden Draft Amendment 2

“The most important fish in the sea” has been put through more than 50 years of overfishing.
The stock is at a record low. Who is suffering from the loss of menhaden? You are.
Striped bass, bluefish and other game fish have lost 90 percent of their favorite food source over the last 25 years alone.