EIDMAN: Future of bunker on the hook again

This fall, New Jersey’s surfcasters are thankful that there are giant schools of this year’s young, “peanut” bunkers moved down the coast, causing striped bass and bluefish to come in tight to the beach within casting distance. It has been decades since this occurred and it is clear to all of us on the water that conservation measures put into place back in 2012 are working.

That’s why it’s so disappointing that fisheries managers voted to increase the 2017 catch last month. Not only are managers putting the ecosystem health at risk, but they are unfairly giving the lion’s share of the catch to one company in Virginia. Omega Protein Inc. will get another 22 million pounds of fish, jeopardizing future awesome bass blitzes, whale and dolphin sightings, and osprey and bald eagles flying overhead with fresh bunker in their talons.


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