TAKE ACTION: Menhaden Draft Amendment 2

“The most important fish in the sea” has been put through more than 50 years of overfishing.

The stock is at a record low.  Who is suffering from the loss of menhaden?  You are.

Striped bass, bluefish and other game fish have lost 90 percent of their favorite food source over the last 25 years alone.

In 1955, menhaden made up 77 percent of the diet of striped bass. Now, menhaden account for just 7 percent. Young striped bass are increasingly eating weakfish juveniles to supplement their diets, putting both stocks at risk. Bluefish eat 30 percent less menhaden than they did in the early ‘90s. As fisherman, we need to unite and let the ASMFC hear us loud and clear.

The public comment period is now open and it’s time to put the regulations into effect for the 2013 season.

Click the bunker to submit your comments to your Governor, Congress People, and the Fishery Management Plan Coordinator:


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