You Can Help Restore Menhaden


Take action to help restore the Atlantic menhaden population to sustainable levels:
  1. Attend a public hearing in your state to show support for menhaden conservation. Check the dates here: Menhaden Public Hearings Calendar / Facebook Events
  2. Contact the Menhaden Management Board explaining that the menhaden landings must be cut by 50 percent: Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Menhaden Management Board 1050 N. Highland St., Suite 200 A-N Arlington, VA 22201 Phone: 703.842.0740 / Fax: 703.842.0741
  3. Call your Congressperson and ask him or her to support legislation to protect menhaden to fulfill the feeding needs of predators like striped bass, bluefish, humpback whales, and sharks: Find your House Representative and Senators
  4. Contact the editor of your local paper explaining why forage fish populations need to be protected through conservative management: List of Local News Papers by State
  5. Sign up to receive email updates from Menhaden Defenders and like us on Facebook: Email Signup / Menhaden Defenders on Facebook


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    […] sportfish such as striped bass, tuna, and bluefish, dependent on Menhaden as a vital foodsource, their decline is concerning for anglers and spells trouble for the ecosystem balance as a […]